Thursday, April 25, 2013



A Poem by Eagle Cruagh

A look at beauty and where you find it .

What is Beauty ?

Awwww ! you know ,we see it everywhere

She is beauty and she is near

Who is beauty ?

It is she, herself, near me

My world, my dear

What ? you spoke of beauty ?

Of course and where ?

Looking up at her like in to heaven

And she who brings me there

Describe her

Certainly , catch an Angel

Bring me the wings

For I need gossamer things

Let me see a child at play

And you have seen all I can say

What about Beauty ?

I don`t know, I am mortal you know

She is my girl that`s plain to see

And there you have it , beauty

I know what she brings to me

An angel`s voice with silky wings

And a lovely shape and other things

But all is wasted , deep down, more

Unless you hear the tortured soul

That grieves for life and loves the poor

She is pathos, empathy, love

But that is empty as sky above

What is beauty, a loving way

Loving God as he looks today

Abiding you and loving me, hey

That may be beauty but who can say

For mortal man to describe his girl

Is like forcing ocean waves to curl

Who am I to write this way

About such an indescribable play

Tripping across her features when she smiles

Gazing out across the miles of breathless

Plains filled with the treasure of God

And back to hold his leaves of grass

Not yet touching , not near , always less

For no man yet has even closed this wondrous scene

This realm of man and yet not touched

A hint perhaps, but still unseen

Describe beauty in a little smile a tiny curl

You see, beauty is my girl

-----Eagle Cruagh

© 2013 Eagle Cruagh

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