Thursday, March 28, 2013


Normally you would throw a bedroll

in the pick up and go back to the

bunk house for the night.

Today the pickup is broke so you

saddle old blue and leadn old sam

head out for a day of fence fix`n.

By the time you fixed the first mile or

so, the sun`s hang`n on the horizon, you

hobble the horses. No hobbles ? Then

use a ragged piece of rope to tie their

front legs together so they can graze

but won`t run off during the night.

It`s dark. Find a level place, roll out the

bed roll (two blankets and a piece of canvas)

maken sure all the edges are underneath

so the critters will stay out , cause you are

warm and they will want to sleep with you.

Then you crawl in, first maken sure to fold

back the canvas a foot or so. The rattle

snakes like to coil up on top of you during

the night.

First thing in the morning you throw back

the bed and jump away fast in case that

rattlen and buzz`n is what you think it is.

You got some coffee grounds in the saddle

bags and you brought an old can----add a

little water and a couple of prairie chicken

eggs and get set for a hearty breakfast.

Catch old blue and try to step on , like they

do in the movies, but he has other ideas,

whirls and tries to kick your head off.

Finally you get aboard and he takes off,

buck`n his fool head off.

After try`n to kill you he settles down and you

run across a couple of strays that have to be

trailed back to the herd. By then it`s getting

toward noon and you head back to the ranch

cause that is where they keep food.

A good thing they are not pay`n you a lot of

money. All you got done was mend a couple

holes in the fence, get nearly killed,sweat a

lot and now you gotta rush back to where they

keep the food.

Dayam ! Aint this romantic ?

---- Eagle Cruagh


This is the deal:

I own an old GOLD MINE

It is  on my property and I own it outright.
How do I sell shares in this mine.
The shares would be sold on line, through
the web site :  EAGLE CRUAGH. COM

Any ideas---- Leave your idea right here.

---- John Crowley ----- >  EAGLE CRUAGH. COM

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Lure of the Gold

Goodbye Muirsheen Durkin sure I’m sick and tired of workin’

No more I’ll dig the praties, no longer I’ll be fooled

For sure’s me name is Carney I’ll be off to California

Where instead of diggin’ praties I’ll be diggin’ lumps of gold

- Irish folk song ‘Muirsheen Durkin’.


I have a GOLD MINE--- No ! I am not kidding .

Down in my pasture is an old GOLD MINE.
It is called the JACKSON MINE.  30 years ago
when I bought the little ranch I asked about it,
but there was very little local information.

Now---- with gold at $2000 dollars per ounce, I have
to ask myself---- why in hell am I not working it, or
leasing it out, or selling shares, or selling the ranch
with the gold mine on it----- why ?

When I first came here I examined the Gold Mine.
It at one time had a tunnel, supposedly connecting to
the vein of the BLUE GRAVEL MINE.  The tunnel
allegedly ran under my house , through the hill and
out the other side to the BLUE GRAVEL MINE.

Accoding to stuff I have heard, the BLUE GRAVEL
was at one time,  before hydraulic mining was
outlawed, one of the richest GOLD MINES in this

I kicked a few pieces of quartz down by where the
old stamp mill used to run and there were veins of
gold in the quartz.  Back then nobody was interested
in a vein of gold , a nugget maybe, but not a vein.

My kids have never been interested.  I have always
tended to be a little lazy, or interested in crazy things
like writing ---- so, that is how this went.

Now I am going to find out------ How much is GOLD
and why am I just sitting on this.

More about this GOLD MINE --- I`ll ask Google.....

-----  Eagle Cruagh