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PATRICK CROWLEY (My Grandfather)

Patrick Crowley, Jr. (b. Mar 17, 1825, d. Jan 11, 1914)

Patrick Crowley, Jr. (son of Patrick Crowley, Sr. and Mary Crowley) was born Mar 17, 1825 in Lismore, County Waterford, Ireland, and died Jan 11, 1914 in Town of Seneca, Crawford County, WI. He married Hanorah Brennen, daughter of James Brennen and Mary Brennen.

Notes for Patrick Crowley, Jr.:

Patrick lived in New York state for a brief time before coming to Wisconsin in the early 1850's and to Crawford County by oxcart. Patent records suggest that he purchased 203 acres of farmland in Crawford County on May 15, 1857.

Patrick had a first wife who is believed to be named Hanorah as well (although there is also contradictory evidence suggesting she may have been Elizabeth Murphy). She was born in 1830 and died December 9, 1865 at the age of 35. They had 2 children, Michael and Nora both of whom were still alive when their father passed away in 1914. The south side of the gravestone in St. Patrick's Cemetery in Seneca, WI lists six children of P & H Crowley (believed to be Patrick and first wife Hanorah) who died young. They are Elizabeth, 5 months and 10 days; John, 7 months; Willie, 14 years, 5 months; Mary 2 months, William 12 months, and Dennis 11 months. 1910

Census says he is living with his brother in law James Murphy, Age 75, also born in Ireland who came to the US in 1858 so in 1910 Patrick's sister (first name unknown) must have been deceased.

Wisconsin Land Records

CROWLEY PATRICK 36 9 N 5 W 203.54 10 25114 1857/05/15

CROWLEY PATRICK 1 8 N 5 W 0 10 25114 1857/05/15




Acres: 203.54

Metes/Bounds: No

Title Transfer

Issue Date: 5/15/1857

Land Office: Mineral Point

Cancelled: No

U.S. Reservations: No

Mineral Reservations: No

Authority: April 24, 1820: Sale-Cash Entry (3 Stat. 566)

Document Numbers

Document Nr.: 25114

Accession/Serial Nr.: WI2280__.428

BLM Serial Nr.: WI NO S/N

More About Patrick Crowley, Jr.:

Burial: Jan 13, 1914, Lot 1, Block XVI, Grave 3, St. Patrick's Catholic Church Cemetery, Seneca, WI.

Immigration: 1852, Embarcation Point - Castle Garden, New York.

Occupation 1: 1910, Farmer.

Occupation 2: Bet. 1861 - 1965, Civil War Veteran.

Residence: 1910, Seneca, Crawford County, Wisconsin.

Children of Patrick Crowley, Jr. and Hanorah Brennen are:

+Edward William Crowley, b. Aug 07, 1871, Eastman, WI, d. Mar 28, 1937, Steuben, WI.

Hannah Crowley, b. 1882, d. date unknown.

William Crowley, b. Apr 14, 1888, Steuben, WI, d. date unknown.

Peter Crowley, d. date unknown.

James J. Crowley, b. 1871, d. date unknown.

John J. Crowley, d. date unknown.

Thomas Crowley, d. date unknown.
born--3-29-1877, d. 2-14-1952 in Alameda,CA.
Patrick Crowley, b. 1876, d. date unknown.

Mary Ellen Crowley, d. Feb 01, 1879, Garvey Settlement, Crawford County, WI.

Elizabeth Crowley, d. date unknown.

Willie Crowley, d. date unknown.

Dennis Crowley, d. date unknown.

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Thunder Butte on Christmas Day


Photo: The Crowley Castle Restoration Project comes to America -- my childhood fort, built to fend off marauding pets and sisters.Michael Francis CROWLEY
came in the house one day and announced that
he was going to build a space ship.  My reaction
was the usual--- "just talk", so I said, "sure go
ahead and build a space ship, but be sure you
buy all the stuff you will need to build it and let
me know when you are finished.

About a week later I walked in to the back yard
and was shocked to find the above 'space ship',
aka 'castle'  neatly finished off to the side, away
from the rabbit hutches, peach trees and tree
house that was already there.

Mike, I don`t think I ever told you what a fantastic
job you did---- so I`m telling you now.  Mike, you
built a fantastic space ship---- I am very proud of you.

------ Dad    (John Crowley )

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CROWLEY CLAN-----Michael`s castle

Michael Crowley

The Crowley Castle Restoration Project comes to America -- my childhood fort, built to fend off marauding pets and sisters.

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Crowley Castle -- no Downton Abbey this, but an old stone tower and stockade to fend off marauding pillagers and rivals:

Castle Restoration Gallery

A gallery of photos of the O'Crowley castle at Ahakeera.Unlike · · Share · 19 hours ago near Arlington, VA · You and 3 others like this..Kathleen Crowley I think we should all pitch in if/when we can!

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CROWLEY CLAN-----Newsletter addresses

Administrative Directory

Crowley Clan Officers


Jerry Crowley

Crossmahon, Bandon,

County Cork, Ireland


Michael-Patrick Crowley

3 rue de la Harpe

Saint Leger, 78610, France




Mary O'Flynn

Bandon, County Cork



James Crowley


Bandon, County Cork




Oifigeach cadraimh poibli:

Liam Crowley


Bandon, County Cork



Crowley Clan Online Store



Sharon Crowley



Crowley Clan Newsletter

Published three times a year in Spring, Summer & Autumn


Marian Crowley Chamberlain

3071 Marsh Gate Drive

Seabrook Island, SC, 29455




Anne Crowley Ronco




Jim Ritzert




No contact information has been provided.


DNA Project


Catherine Crowley Budd

58110 Ferrier Street

Marathon, FL 33050-5711



Country Representatives:


James Crowley


Bandon, County Cork




Terry Crowley

86 Anglese St.

Goderich, Ontario, N7A 1V3


New Zealand & Australia:

Pauline Crowley-Zieltjes

614 Kelly Road

New Plymouth, New Zealand


United States:

John A. Crowley

2506 Elton Street

Albany, GA 31707



Standing Committees on Ancestry

Jeffrey Crowley Committee:

Sheryl Stanfill

33600 Calimesa Blvd. Sp. #25

Yucaipa, California 92399


Peter Robinson Crowleys Committee

Maureen Crowley

2281 Wallace Point Road

Bailieboro, Ontario, K0L 1B0


Newsletter Masthead image