Thursday, April 25, 2013



A Poem by Eagle Cruagh

Looking inward and behind.


I tried to write a poem

Because my love she asked me too

She said , "my love, please write for me"

"You say such pretty things

And when we pass from this sweet life

Your thoughts nostalgia brings"

Suddenly her fragrance fills me

Like she is in the room

I close my eyes and flowers bloom

Like photo`s in the air

My sweet fair love reclining now

Like nostalgia , but she is there

Shaking cobwebs from my brain

The mist of coming rain

Morning dew from a lowly branch

Fluttering wings of dove

You live in these and other things

My angel from above

How to make you understand

That life without you would end

You are my sweet eternal love

Our tenderness in all travail

With the certainty of a river`s bend

You rise before me frail

I hope you understand my Sweet

Mere words cannot replace

The warmth we hold so dear

The veils of heaven and the corridors

Of hell will never make this clear

I`m you`re canvas and you`re my lace

---- Eagle Cruagh

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