Sunday, October 13, 2013

   part one
She stepped outside for a smoke.  While she
was gone there was a whisper of wind in the
eves, then it became a howl.
Worried, I looked out and she slammed the door
in my face.   Then it struck.
The house shook and rattled---- she pounded on
the door, violently. Bangng, banging, crashing.
Racing to the door, the door flew open before I could
reach it----- she was gone.
As a violent wind tore at the house, screaming as
that of a tortured banshee.  The lights went out.
poles down, power off.  The screaming wind a
crescendo in the darkness---- faintly as in  a great
distance, her voice, above the terrible storm, a faint
almost imperceptible human penetrating the curse.
Grieving for her, lost in the violence and the dark,
the boat, what can be happening to our beloved
boat lashed to the dock of the bay ?
Armed with a flashlight, struggling to stand-----
there she was crashing against the dock, horrible
noise filling the rainsoaked wind and above the
sounds of the storm her voice faintly, ever so
faint, through the howling , tearing sounds of the
night.  H e l  p   m e..........

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